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Care the Wright Way Staffing is a full-service healthcare staffing agency committed to providing strategic staffing solutions for Georgia-based healthcare facilities in and around the Atlanta Region. Our team works around the clock to provide exceptional service and quality care.

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Our Credentialing Coordinator works with facilities and healthcare organizations to determine the qualifications for each employment opportunity. We provide detailed documentation to ensure candidates are fully credentialed with clean background checks to provide our clients with the most qualified healthcare professionals. Each candidate goes through our hiring process to illustrate his or her ability to perform the qualifications of the job before placement services are provided. In offering on-demand staffing services, facilities and healthcare organizations come to Care the Wright Way Staffing for efficiency and absolute certainty they are receiving the best candidates for the job. Care the Wright Way Staffing will provide fully credentialed and reliable staff to promote the highest level of patient care in health care organizations, and medical facilities.